Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Cuckoo Clock "Freedom Choppers" Wall Clock With Lights, Sound, Motion
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$179.95 US
Protection And Strength For My Grandson Pendant Necklace "Protection And Strength For My Grandson" Sapphire Pendant
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$79.00 US
Indian Motorcycle Express Train Collection HO-Scale "Indian Motorcycle Express" Train Collection
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$75.00 US Each Issue
Freedom Ride Men's Watch Stainless Steel Motorcycle Skeleton Watch With Case
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$199.00 US Per Item
Open Road Men's Hoodie "Open Road" Fleece Biker Hoodie With Custom Art And Motto
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$89.95 US
Ride Hard, Live Free Ring "Ride Hard, Live Free" Motorcycle Men's Ring
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$149.00 US
A Century Of American Thunder Zippo Lighter Collection "A Century Of American Thunder" Zippo Lighter Collection
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$39.99 US Each Issue
Ride Hard, Live Free Motorcycle Men's Bracelet "Ride Hard, Live Free" Motorcycle Chain Bracelet
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$89.00 US
Time Of Freedom Cuckoo Clock "Ride Hard, Live Free" Motorcycle Wall Clock
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$149.95 US
Freedom Rider Lamp Sculptural American Eagle Chopper Tabletop Lamp
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$99.00 US
Pittsburgh Steelers Motorcycle Figurine Collection Pittsburgh Steelers Choppers With Team Logos And Graphics
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$39.98 US Each Issue
Cruising With America's Team Figurine Officially-Licensed Dallas Cowboys Chopper Figurine
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$39.98 US

Motorcycle Collectibles for the Bikers

For its devotees, a motorcycle is more than a means of transportation; it's a lifestyle that expresses a powerful sense of personal freedom. Our motorcycle collectibles, available from The Bradford Exchange Online, capture the freedom of the open road and the thrill of riding a sleek bike into the wind.

If you're a biker you're in good company, a special breed that craves escape from everyday routine and revels in a free spirit. Our motorcycle collectibles help rekindle fond memories of the open road even when you're confined inside by work or weather. It's so easy to find a wonderful gift to free your biker spirit, supercharged with the need for speed wherever you happen to be!

Find Freedom in Biker Collectibles

Biker collectibles showcase a collector's love of motorcycles in a form that you can enjoy indoors and anytime. The Bradford Exchange Online offers a line of exclusive, collectible sculpted choppers featuring M&M'S® and COCA-COLA® colors, logos and symbols. Or choose from bike collectibles that are embellished with the bald eagle, a perfect symbol of America and the freedom bikers cherish.

Whether you're a new or a seasoned collector, you'll find that each of our motorcycle collectibles is as unique as your own biker spirit. We also have sculpted motorcycle models with amazingly designed and authentic details you'll appreciate. You won't want to miss any of our selection of biker collectibles and motorcycle models, perfect for your collection!

Decorate with Motorcycle Clocks and a Biker Village

You can bring your love of motorcycles into your home decor with a whole array of decorative items to display just about anywhere. Choose from lamps, figurines, belt collections, trains and more.

The Bradford Exchange Online offers exclusive motorcycle clocks with authentic biker detailing and - the motto "Ride Hard, Live Free"- so that whenever you check the clock, you're reminded that the best times of all are when you hit the open road and get the adrenaline pumping!

We also offer biker villages that are especially great to display during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. Each collection brings you a charming miniature town complete with biker-themed buildings that light up, figurines, accessories and so much more. Our Christmas biker village is a limited-edition illuminated village that comes with FREE figurines, including a hard-riding Santa, to complete the set! Because they're so unique, our motorcycle clocks, biker village and other motorcycle collectibles are sure to delight family and friends while they express your love for the thrill of two wheels on the open road. Shop Now!

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