Dog Pendants Keep Your Beloved Pup Close to Your Heart

There's just nothing like being greeted by your dog with unconditional love at the end of a busy day, and that's why dogs have been welcome companions of humankind for thousands of years. As a good dog owner you try to return that love by providing affection and responsible care for your canine pal. But when you want to express your love in a different way, our unique selection of dog pendants will let you keep your dog's image close to your heart, right where it belongs! Each delightful pendant is handcrafted in precious metals to make a real statement of style as well as a statement about you as a dog lover, enhanced by the fact that many of our dog pendants even let you choose your favorite breed as part of the design!

Dog Lover Necklaces Celebrate Canine Companionship

No matter what breed of dog has captured your fancy - or maybe even more than one - our dog lover necklaces are designed to bring out the best of each breed, in fine jewelry designs that will astound you with their realistic dog portraits and delight you with their elegant and timeless style. In many of these exclusive dog lover necklaces, you can choose from a dozen or more breeds, so you're sure to find your favorite. Whether the pendant you wear features a gleaming silver breed-specific charm or a lifelike color portrait of the breed you favor, each dog pendant is sure to earn compliments, especially from other dog lovers who will want to know where you got it. Dog lover necklaces also make a ideal gifts for any specific dog breed fan. And because these pendant designs aren't available in stores, your dog-lover gift is destined to be even more unique and special.

A Swarovski Crystal Dog Pendant Sparkles with Personality

When you see you dog's devotion reflected back at you in his loving eyes, you know he deserves a special tribute - so why not wear one? Choose a Swarovski crystal dog pendant to show off your fondness for your favorite breed with some extra sparkle and pizzazz that matches his personality. Many of our exquisite dog pendants are actually breed-specific, and feature Swarovski crystals of different colors to match the shades in each breed's distinctive coat. These stylish dog pendant "portraits" create quite a fashion statement for any woman who wears them, while letting the world know what a dedicated and devoted dog lover she really is.

Because you dog's special qualities add so much to your own quality of life, the beautifully crafted dog pendants you'll find right here will help you express the very special love you feel for him in just the right way. Whether it's for yourself or a gift, a unique and beautifully crafted dog pendant from our fine selection will become the perfect expression of a canine friendship to be treasured forever. To put "pawprints on your heart", be sure to Shop Now!

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