Unicorn Collectibles Capture the Mystique of the Imagination

Unicorns are magnificent creatures, proud white horses with gleaming golden horns, that roam the enchanted forests of fairy tales and legends. According to these ancient tales the sighting of a unicorn is extremely rare, but once you have been fortunate enough to glimpse one your destiny will change forever. Through the ages, legend and lore have transformed the unicorn into a universal symbol of good fortune.

If you wish to harness the magical powers of the unicorn for yourself, don’t miss our beautiful representations of this majestic, mythical beast in our unicorn collectibles and gifts. All of the beauty and grace you would expect to find in these magical creatures is yours in each collectible unicorn you'll find at The Bradford Exchange Online. These treasures range from figurines and sculptures to wall decorations, and any of them would make an enchanting addition to your home.

Unicorn Jewelry Sparkles with Fantastic Beauty

Unique unicorn jewelry is highly sought after because a jeweled unicorn is considered to be genuine talisman for good fortune by those who wear them. For instance, surprise a loved one or a lover of fantasy artwork with a handcrafted unicorn bracelet decorated with shimmering Swarovski® crystals. Other fine examples of our exclusive unicorn jewelry include gleaming silver, precious stones and even painted images of a magical unicorn. Even a unicorn small enough to wear as jewelry can act as a catalyst of positive energy, and unicorn jewelry will always makes a stylish addition to a jewelry wardrobe.

Unicorn Figurines Bring Magical, Mythical Beasts Alive for You

Our enthralling unicorn figurines epitomize the grace and beauty of the legendary unicorn, a good luck symbol for all. We offer a stunning selection of unicorn figurines made of fabulous materials including porcelain, artist's resin and even a brilliant blue art-glass unicorn embellished with 22k gold leaf and vibrant accents of color. The beauty of the light passing through this marvelous collectible unicorn figurine will dazzle and fascinate you.

We also offer unicorn figurines that are symbolic of worthy causes, such as the fight against breast cancer or the pursuit of peace. Many of our magnificently sculpted unicorn figurines also include the artwork of renowned fantast artists like Mimi Jobe, Nene Thomas and Jasmine Becket-Griffith. You're sure to find the unicorn collectible of your dreams, ready to ignite your imagination and let it take flight, when you visit our site to discover the worlds of wonder therein. Shop Now!

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