Navy Jewelry Pays Tribute to an Honored Service History

The United States Navy has a storied history dating back to the epic sea battles of the Revolutionary War. "From sea to shining sea," the enduring spirit of the Navy is legendary across so many generations of service personnel. The Bradford Exchange Online is proud to honor this renowned service branch of the military with an exciting array of Navy jewelry featuring exclusive designs. If you have a U.S. Navy service member on active duty in your family now, or in your family's history, or perhaps both, there's no better way to celebrate your personal connection with the timeless Navy spirit than in the wearing of the beautifully crafted U.S. Navy jewelry that we offer.

The range of Navy jewelry choices is impressive, from a sport-styled Navy men's chronograph watch to a faceted crystal pendant embellished with bold Navy symbols. Each exclusively designed and handcrafted item of Navy jewelry is decorated with time-honored symbols of the U.S. Navy to honor the Navy men and women who serve, or who once served. Whatever Navy jewelry you choose, you can be sure that your Navy jewelry selection is an exclusive design and is not sold in any store!

U.S. Navy Jackets Show Your Seafaring Spirit

Your U.S. Navy pride can be on display every day when you wear one of our U.S. Navy jackets designed to celebrate the honored heritage of the Navy, defending our country on the sea and in the air. From a luxurious Navy leather jacket featuring full-color artwork of an aircraft carrier in action, to a comfortable, reversible fleece jacket embroidered with Navy symbols, you'll find the perfect Navy-themed apparel to round out your wardrobe and express your Navy spirit as well as your own personal style.

U.S. Navy Collectibles and Navy Sculpture Honor Sailors Everywhere

We offer an exciting and exclusive array of U.S. Navy collectibles, sure to bring the spirit of Navy seamen and airmen into your home to display with understandable pride. Our exclusive U.S. Navy Express is an HO-scale electric train collection, built to heirloom-quality standards, that displays bold, blue-and-gold Navy symbols and Navy artwork as the lighted train sails down the track! Or select a handcrafted, hand-painted, collectible Navy sculpture to make the Navy's storied history come alive again, as with our exclusive handcrafted figurine of a World War II-era seaman, hand-finished in deep bronze and metallic tones to capture the rugged individualism of the enlisted sailor, plying the seas to restore freedom to the world.

Wear - or Give - a Navy Ring to Show Pride of Service

For U.S. Navy service members past and present, one of the most personal statements that can be made about Navy affiliation is to wear one of our Navy rings that capture the spirit of the Navy in exclusive fine jewelry designs not available in stores! Handcrafted of solid sterling silver, don't miss our Navy ring that features a fierce sculpted eagle embracing the motif of the Navy eagle, shield and twin anchors, with the motto "Valor and Glory" engraved inside. Navy rings like this exclusive design celebrate pride of service and make an important fashion statement, as well as a perfect gift for any man with a naval service background. To shop an outstanding and exclusive selection of Navy jewelry, apparel and collectibles, see them here at The Bradford Exchange Online. Shop Now!

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