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Tinker Bell Jewelry is Simply Charming

The sassy Disney Fairies character Tinker Bell is loved by fans the world around. Both spunky and charming, Tinker Bell has become a symbol of something even bigger than herself - a reminder of the beauty of imagination and belief. Now you can carry Tink, and her reminder to always "Believe," wherever you go, when you make a choice from our selection of Tinker Bell jewelry. Here at The Bradford Exchange Online, we believe that the magic of Disney is a perfect complement for our fine jewelry designs, and Tinker Bell always creates a perfect expression of that one-of-a-kind magic. So when you shop our Tinker Bell jewelry, you will discover sparkling treasures that let you carry Tink with you always. Choose from dazzlers like Tinker Bell earrings and Tinker Bell pendant necklaces that are simply enchanting. We even have Tinker Bell watches too, because everyone knows that Tinker Bell's appeal is absolutely timeless. Why not take a second to see all of the lovely Tinker Bell jewelry we have to offer right here?

Besides the complement of Tink's already sparkling attitude, you might wonder what it is that gives our Tinker Bell jewelry that extra bit of sparkle? It's the genuine Swarovski® crystals that grace many of our fine jewelry designs. Prized for the way they catch the light and refract a prism of colors, Swarovski crystals can be found on our Tinker Bell earrings, bracelets, watches, Tinker Bell pendant necklaces and more. Making Tink glitter in marvelous presentations of artistic beauty, Swarovski crystals are always a welcome addition to our Tinker Bell jewelry, and a great way to highlight her spirited personality.

Personalized Tinker Bell Jewelry: Choose Your Initial

What's even better than Tinker Bell jewelry? How about personalized Tinker Bell jewelry! We offer a Tinker Bell pendant necklace that lets you choose the letter that best represents you, from all 26 letters of the alphabet. Tinker Bell strikes a spunky pose for each sparkling initial pendant, to make this a personalized Tinker Bell jewelry design that any fan would love to wear. Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, and adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, the Tinker Bell initial pendant necklace is even engraved on the reverse side with the touching challenge to "Believe." So if you'd like to make a grand statement that incorporates the elegance of fine jewelry with the magic of a Disney Fairies character, just "Tink" about our personalized Tinker Bell jewelry.

Think Tink: Excellent Tinker Bell Jewelry Gifts

When it comes to fine jewelry gifts, Disney's Tinker Bell can always deliver a magical message for any occasion. Our sensational Tinker Bell jewelry makes great gift ideas for those special people in your life, and especially for Disney lovers. The precious pixie from Peter Pan can always be a permanent part of someone's life when you bless her with the gift of a Tinker Bell pendant necklace, or one of our Tinker Bell watches, or one of any number of other Tinker Bell gifts. And don't forget that all of our Tinker Bell jewelry is backed by the best guarantee in the business - with returns up to 120 days and FREE return shipping. Don't wait to let the magic of Tinker Bell "fly" into the lives of all your gift recipients. Shop Now!

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