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Collectible books and music from The Bradford Exchange Online allow you to harness the rich artistry of literature, beauty and classical music in heirloom-quality sets and collections that you will cherish for years to come. Through the nostalgic work of beloved American artists like Thomas Kinkade and Norman Rockwell, and the resounding orchestration of classical composers like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, our exclusive books and music are sure to connect you to a culture of quintessential taste and unparalleled artistic character. Are you ready to experience the life and love of The Bradford Exchange Online books and music? Just have a look, and a listen, now!

Masterpiece: The Ultimate Classical Music Collection

What if you could own a classical music set comprised of exhilarating classics, performed by the world's premier orchestras, all beautifully bound in leather with gold accents? Now you can with Masterpiece: The Ultimate Classical Music Collection, available only from The Bradford Exchange Press and available at The Bradford Exchange Online. And not only will you be able to experience the beauty, breadth and life of this beloved classical music library, but you will also receive a package of gifts - including the "Classical Dreams" leather bound book (with 2 CDs), a gold-embossed collector's case to house your classical music collection, plus a pair of Noise-Reducing Digital Headphones - a $96.90 value, yours FREE. The best part of this premiere classical music collection is that each fine edition you receive includes 2 digitally mastered CDs with over 2 hours of glorious classical music, and is presented in a leather-bound, gold-stamped, gilded, 36-page book filled with full-color presentations of the captivating stories behind the music and the composers who wrote it. With a classical music collection like this, it's easy to see how it could quickly become a prized family heirloom worthy of being passed down for generations to come.

Thomas Kinkade Puzzles Capture the Fine Art of the Painter of Light™

How would you like to immerse yourself in the radiant world of Thomas Kinkade? Thom's illuminating artistry has stirred up a world of wonder in the hearts of collectors around the world. Although many desire to own one of his originals, the demand for his work has made that aspiration a difficult one to fulfill. However, with exclusive Thomas Kinkade puzzles, your fine art collection can expand before your eyes. Each edition features one of Mr. Kinkade's original works of art, faithfully reproduced on a high-quality, collectible 250-piece jigsaw puzzle, and stored in a handsome binding with the look of a rare leather-bound book. From Chandler's Cottage and The Light of Peace, to A Holiday Gathering and Lamplight Brooke, each breathtaking Thomas Kinkade puzzle provides an elegant way to collect the works of an undisputed master. You can even share your love for the Painter of Light™ by giving fine art puzzles as impressive Thomas Kinkade gifts. And if you are looking to find a gift specifically for grandma, we have just the solution. Introducing the Thomas Kinkade "Grandma, Tell Me Your Story" Keepsake Journal - a beautiful way for a grandmother and her grandchild to bridge the gap of generations. An enchanting gift for grandma, it allows her to detail the moments of her life within the pages of Thomas Kinkade's glorious world. Plus, it even arrives with two FREE high-quality pens, decorated with Thom's exquisite artistry, for a thoughtful finishing touch.

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