Christmas Décor

Christmas Snow Globes Whisk You Into a Winter Wonderland

Do you remember when you discovered the magical world of snow globes? Perhaps you were a child, opening your Christmas gifts on a happy December 25 morning, when suddenly... there it was, your very first snow globe. With one shake, you were mesmerized. While the snow drifted down lightly over a cozy town square or community ice skating rink, there was no place you would rather be than right there, enveloped by the inviting world of the snow globe. Whether this is your experience, or you only came to realize the beauty and magic of Christmas snowglobes later in life, The Bradford Exchange Online is ready to "shake up" your holidays with our delightful offering of collectible Christmas snowglobes. Take a closer look and you just might find the wonder once again!

Our imaginative Christmas snowglobes celebrate the holidays with themes that you are passionate about. Do you love the work of Thomas Kinkade? We have Christmas snowglobes inspired by some of his most beloved masterworks. Some of these festive snow globes even recreate his paintings across the base to accentuate the beauty of each winter wonderland. It's a wonderful way to illuminate your Christmas with the vision of the Painter of Light™. Maybe you're more of a Disney fan? You won't be disappointed with our Old Fashioned Disney Christmas snowglobe, featuring 13 classic Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell. What a magical way to spend the holidays! And what holiday would be complete without Santa Claus? Ol' St. Nick is always ready to deliver holiday cheer when he is the star of one of our Christmas snow globes. Which of our Christmas snow globes will you add to your holiday decorations this season?

Many things can be said about our holiday snowglobes: some need an old fashioned gentle shake, some activate instantly with the flick of a switch, some play a favorite Christmas carol, some illuminate with warm lighting, but ALL of our Christmas snowglobes were created to put a little wonder in your winter holidays. So whether you choose one of our Disney snow globes, one of our Thomas Kinkade snow globes, or one of our other unique snowglobes to fit perfectly with your style, interests and decor, one thing is for certain... it's a sure invitation to the wonder and nostalgia of Christmas. Let us help you find yours today. Shop Now!

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