Christmas Gifts
  • Sterling Silver
  • $100 - $200
  • Irish
Blessing Of The Claddagh Emerald & Diamond Ring "Blessing Of The Claddagh" Emerald & Diamond Ring
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$149.00 US
Thomas Kinkade Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Pendant Necklace Emerald And Diamond Claddagh Cross Symbolizes Faith And Love
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$129.00 US
Pride Of Ireland Diamond And Mystic Topaz Ring "Pride Of Ireland" Diamond And Mystic Topaz Ring
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$199.00 US
Divine Inspiration Emerald & Diamond Cross Ring "Divine Inspiration" Emerald And Diamond Engraved Cross Ring
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$159.00 US
Infinite Blessings Peridot & Diamond Pendant Necklace "Infinite Blessings" Diamond & Peridot Celtic Cross Pendant
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$119.00 US
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