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Sovereign Strike Sculpture "Sovereign Strike" Depicts Exact Moment Of An Eagle's Strike
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$69.99 US
We Will Never Forget Sculpture Limited-Edition September 11 Tribute Eagle Sculpture
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$59.99 US
9/11 Commemorative Eagle Figurine 10th Anniversary September 11th Tribute Eagle Figurine
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$50.00 US
Nature's Poetry Lamp Lena Liu's "Nature's Poetry" Goldfinch Lamp With Tree Base
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$129.95 US
Home Is Where The Heart Is Collector Plate Collection Thomas Kinkade Plate Collection With Songbird Display
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$39.99 US Each Issue
Backyard Splendor Songbird Christmas Tree Collection Chirping Motion-Activated Lighted Songbird Christmas Tree
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$59.98 US Each Issue
Songs Of The Season Tabletop Tree James Hautman Songbird Art Musical Illuminated Tree
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$99.99 US
Harvest Moon Ball Cuckoo Clock Terry Redlin "Harvest Moon Ball" Cuckoo Clock
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$199.99 US
Sacred Spirits Village Collection "Sacred Spirits" Native American-Style Village Collection
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$59.99 US Each Issue
Barber Silver Coin Ring Genuine Silver Barber Quarter Engraved Men's Ring
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$159.00 US
Sacred Guardian Pendant Necklace Eagle Arrowhead Onyx Pendant Necklace With Onyx Cabochons
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$79.00 US
Soaring Strengths Ornament Set Ted Blaylock "Soaring Strengths" Bald Eagle Ornaments
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$29.97 US
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