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Linda Webb Charlie Doll Linda Webb's "Charlie" Lifelike Baby Doll
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$149.99 US
Noah's Happy As Can Be Baby Doll Lifelike Baby Boy Doll Moves And Coos When Touched
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$199.99 US
Christopher Needs A Kiss Doll "Christopher Needs A Kiss" Baby Boy Poseable Doll
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$59.99 US
Lots Of Love Baby Doll Collection Waltraud Hanl "Lots Of Love" Poseable Baby Doll Collection
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$199.99 US Each Issue
Sweet Baby Liam Baby Doll Linda Murray Lifelike Sweet Baby Liam Baby Boy Doll
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$139.99 US
Benjamin Baby Doll "Benjamin" So Truly Real Baby Doll By Tasha Edenholm
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$129.99 US
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