Mothers Day Gifts
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  • Music Boxes

Surprise Your Mom with a Mother's Day Music Box Gift

Instead of just selecting the perfect card for Mom, here's a much better way to let her know how much she means to you. This Mother's Day, send Mom a "letter" that's actually a lovely porcelain music box! And where would you expect to find such a unique Mother's Day music box gift? Right here at The Bradford Exchange Online, because any Mother's Day music box gift you find on our site will be something delightfully unexpected to give for Mother's Day. Our music box gifts for Mother's Day are not only beautiful to display in their own right, but also come with heartfelt messages of love inscribed inside, in words as memorable as these musical Mother's Day presents themselves!

A Music Box is a Low Cost Mother's Day Gift with High Impact

If you're selecting a Mother's Day gift for more than one mother in the family, or several generations of mothers, we can help you stretch your budget to make sure to delight them all. When you shop with us you can choose a low cost Mother's Day gift created to make this event special for all the moms on your list, regardless of price: an exquisitely designed music box! We have so many exclusive low cost music box designs - from the elegant to the inspiring to the purely sentimental - that you're sure to find just the right design with the right kind of familiar music for any mom of any age. And while you'll pay under $50 for any one of these exceptional low cost Mother's Day gifts, you'll know the moment you see your mother's reaction to your gift that there's nothing cheap about them. Being generous to all the moms you know was never so easy!

Give a Music Box for Daughter That She'll Treasure

If you're a mother with a daughter who's a mom herself, surprise her this Mother's Day with the gift of music - a music box that celebrates the joys of motherhood you both share. In the $25 to $50 price range, you can select a music box for daughter that includes a familiar or inspiring melody in a special design from our wide array of music box gift choices. Any music box for daughter that you choose will be lovingly handcrafted to please her in every way, and the attention to detail will make these musical Mother's Day gifts a joy to give and receive. From hand-applied touches of precious metal and sparkling crystals to loving messages found inside, these keepsake music boxes for daughter will always remind her of your love for her, especially on Mother's Day.

Our selection of exquisite Mother's Day music box gifts in the range of $25 to $50 is so outstanding, you'll be able to indulge all your gift-giving plans for every mom on your list, and perhaps still have something left over to treat yourself to a low cost "gift" for yourself that you'll also find here. Shop Now!

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