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Larry Thorngren's Wolves Of Yellowstone Framed Quintet
The Wolves Of Yellowstone Wall Decor Collection

Limited-edition collection of porcelain plaques recreates Larry Thorgren's prized wolf photos in a panoramic quintet. FREE wood display, $80 value.

Display measures 21-1/4" W x 17-1/8" H

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Some 13 distinctive wolf packs now call Yellowstone National Park home, and it's safe to say that esteemed wildlife photographer and dedicated conservationist Larry Thorngren has had the honor of meeting them all. Now, in an exclusive premiere with The Bradford Exchange, five of his most hailed photographs are recreated in one captivating wolf art wall decor collection. Glimpse the pinnacle of Yellowstone art on 5 distinctive porcelain plaques, beginning with Issue One, Mollies on the Move, followed by Issue Two, Hayden Harmony. Soon, your collection continues with Issue Three, Hayden Hierarchy, Issue Four, Canyon Close-Up and your collection will be complete with Issue Five, Lone Traveler. Each issue arrives separately.‡ Plus, as part of your collection, you'll also receive a FREE* dual-level wooden display frame shipped after Issue One - an $80 value!

Each of the full-color porcelain plaques in this collection features one of Larry Thorngren's prized wolf photographs in vivid detail, and comprises one significant piece in a complete panoramic quintet of wildlife harmony. Wolves from 3 different packs are captured in spontaneous moments within this dramatic Yellowstone art collection - each one conveying the importance of continued awareness and commitment to the sustained survival of wolves in the wild. Don't miss your opportunity to own this limited-edition wolf art wall decor collection - a striking debut that is only available from The Bradford Exchange. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait - order now!

This exclusive Larry Thorngren wolf art wall decor collection from The Bradford Exchange features:
  • A stunning premiere! Esteemed wildlife photographer and conservationist Larry Thorngren's most hailed photographs recreated in a porcelain panoramic wolf art wall decor collection, available only from The Bradford Exchange
  • Each of the five porcelain plaques in this collection takes you into the heart of Yellowstone National Park to discover the native wolves, as glimpsed through the lens of Mr. Thorngren's camera
  • This quintet of Yellowstone art plaques recreates the renowned photos in vivid detail and features wolves from three different packs, captured in spontaneous moments
  • Unique panoramic quintet is comprised of a center, diamond-shaped plaque, surrounded by 4 unifying wolf art plaques, all symbolizing the harmony of the wolfpack
  • Includes a FREE* dual-level display, handcrafted of wood and finished in a burnished walnut tone - an $80 value; ships after Issue One
  • Frame includes a hanging device for easy and immediate display
  • Editions strictly limited to 95 firing days, so order now
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Display measures 21-1/4" W x 17-1/8" H; 54 cm W x 43.5 cm H; corner issues measure 9" W x 7" H; 22.9 cm W x 17.8 cm H; center issue measures 6" W x 6" H; 15.2 cm W x 15.2 cm H
Ordering a Collection by Subscription Plan is for Smart Collectors:
  • Reserves the entire collectible The Wolves Of Yellowstone Wall Decor Collection from The Bradford Exchange in your name so you never risk an increase on the price of other collectibles in this collection, or miss a single issue of this collection
  • ‡Each issue will be shipped to you for your review, about one every month or two (pending availability), at the same low issue price and charged to the credit card on which your order was placed. No need to order each one separately
  • You may cancel your collection at any time with no obligation
  • "Issue One - Mollies on the Move," will be followed by "Issue Two - Hayden Harmony," "Issue Three - Hayden Hierarchy," "Issue Four - Canyon Close-Up," and will be complete with "Issue Five - Lone Traveler"
  • *There is a one-time shipping and service charge of $11.99 U.S. for the display rack
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Larry Thorngren's Wolves Of Yellowstone Framed Quintet

Wolf Art Wall Decor Collection Captures Dramatic Yellowstone Art As Seen Through the Lens of Photographer Larry Thorngren!

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$39.95 US
$8.99 US
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