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Christmas Decor
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Christmas Snow Globes Bring the Spirit of the Holiday Into Your Home

When it comes to shopping for Christmas decor, there is a virtual winter wonderland of choices. So many of those decorating choices can be found right here at The Bradford Exchange, including Christmas trees, Nativity sets, ornaments, wreaths, and one of our most fascinating selections: snowglobes.

Snow globes have a long and interesting history inspired by the people and cultures who created this up-close glimpse into the holiday season. Imagine if you could stir up all the romance, heartwarming feelings and festive inspirations of Christmas with just a little shake or the flip of a switch. These are the kinds of special moments that snowglobes can create, capturing inviting sculpted scenes beneath glass, viewed through the flurrying filter of a peaceful winter snowstorm. All while you stay warm in the comfort of your holiday home!

Our expertly handcrafted snow globes certainly do make great additions to Christmas displays, either as an accent or as a focal point. And because they are such curiosity magnets, your family and friends will be drawn to these yuletide treasures, offered in a variety of unique themes, including Disney, snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®, Santa Claus and even inspired by the art of Thomas Kinkade. Plus, many of them play classic Christmas carols too, or light up from within, to enhance the entire experience.

While you're shopping our collectible Christmas snow globes, we invite you to discover our many unique Christmas gifts, like heirloom-quality music boxes, fine jewelry, artistic apparel and so much more. Ready to find the perfect Christmas snowglobe and let it snow? Shop Now!