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Christmas Ornaments Are What Make Your Holiday Tree Unique

When it comes to sprucing up your home decor for the holidays, there is plenty to consider. All the planning of your Christmas decorations, your table centerpiece, the fireplace mantel, the walls and halls, and, of course, the tree. Christmas trees are often the focal point of one's holiday home but what truly helps create that festive statement and make it uniquely yours are the Christmas ornaments that are hung with love.

Christmas ornaments have a rich history, dating back to when people would decorate their trees with fruits, candies and pastries. But, as early as the 16th century, we saw glassblowers in Germany beginning to make bulbs, baubles and other glass ornaments in different shapes to adorn the trees, creating a practice that would be carried on into today's beloved Christmas traditions.

The Bradford Exchange offers a wealth of unique ornaments you won't find anywhere else, with beloved themes from Santa Claus and professional sports, to artistic creations inspired by the illuminating vision of Thomas Kinkade, and ornaments meant to honor special family bonds. Each of our heirloom-quality ornaments is expertly crafted to celebrate the joys of the season and arrives ready to hang with a golden or silvery cord. Beautiful ornaments give the freedom to display a Christmas tree that's the perfect expression of you and your family's interests and values. They make wonderful season gifts too!

Take a look at all of our enchanting tree decorations, including our tree toppers, garland, Disney Christmas ornaments, personalized Christmas ornaments that let you add your custom touch, and so much more. Ready to get started on your special Christmas tree today? Shop Now!