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Fantasy Dolls

Fantasy Dolls Take You On Amazing Adventures

Collectible dolls have come a long way! Those with a passion for dolls will always have their favorites. From adorable baby dolls to royal Disney Princess dolls, the little bundles of joy you choose are as unique as you are. Now, some of the most exciting dolls in the history of doll collecting stand ready to usher you into new magical and mysterious realms. Our fantasy dolls are waiting to meet you. Are you set to begin your adventure with them?

Fantasy dolls are a perfect marriage of realism and mysticism, striking beauty and stunning otherworldliness, all captured in collectible dolls that beckon you to places you've never imagined. Take a walk through the dark romantic worlds of dragons and medieval beasts alongside stunning maidens of fantasy doll, travel by horseback through ancient forests, or take flight on the wings of puckish fairies to discover worlds of wonder - these are just a few of the amazing destinations captured by some of the most beloved fantasy dolls. The Bradford Exchange Online has a fine selection of these magnificent creations ready for you to bring home. Whether it's the Gothic Brides of Dracula or the Adventures in Oz dolls, these powerfully distinctive masterpieces will surely make great additions to your doll collection. And because they are so unique, fantasy dolls make great gifts too. We promise your gift recipient will be taken pleasantly by surprise.

The Bradford Exchange Online is excited to be your shopping destination for remarkable fantasy dolls you won't find elsewhere. And we also offer amazing lifelike baby dolls porcelain dolls too, so you are sure to find a special someone to bring home today. Don't forget that our dolls are guaranteed up to 365 days and we offer free return shipping to ensure your satisfaction. Shop Now!