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Discover Worlds of Enchantment with Fairy Figurines

Fairies have long been a source of enchantment, and their mystical allure has inspired a myriad of treasures in the fascinating world of fantasy art. There are many such treasures to be found right here among the many original figurines we offer at The Bradford Exchange Online. Inspired by the works of acclaimed fantasy artists like Nene Thomas, Blake Jensen, Brooke Gillette and more, our fairy collectibles are unlike anything available in stores. Each one is expertly handcrafted in a unique design that beckons you to explore the magical realm of fairies.

From fairy queens to spirit maidens, winged felines to biker fairies, we have many different styles and themes of fairy figurines for you to choose from. You'll find collectibles that draw inspiration from Native American traditions, like the Moonheart, Spirit of Strength figurine that features a wide-eyed spirit maiden and her wolf pup companion. Like many of our most coveted fairy figurines, this captivating collectible comes from the artistic vision of Jasmine Becket-Griffith, a favorite among fantasy art collectors. These fantasy art treasures make terrific gifts, too. For a "fairy" devoted NFL fan or a special Halloween treat, our diverse array of fantasy treasures make it easy to add a touch of magic to any occasion. We even have breast cancer awareness and Autism support fairies that bring messages of hope in a charming and comforting way, and because a portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated, they make extra meaningful gifts. Don't wait to explore the mystical world of fairies with our one-of-a-kind fairy figurines - Shop Now!