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Celebrate Your Heroes and Icons with Captivating Home Decor

On the screen or in the history books, with electrifying music or royal love stories, the towering figures of entertainment and culture who inspire us deserve a place of prominence in our homes. And as your premier destination for truly original, exceptional-quality home decor and wall decor, we are thrilled to bring you a wide selection of captivating icons home decor. If your heart beats to rock and roll, we have everything from wall clocks to table lamps to collectible steins to accent pillows that show your love for music legends like The Beatles, Elvis, AC/DC and more. Or if you're enchanted by royalty, our mosaic sculptures of Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Cleopatra and more are sure to inspire you as they make an eye-catching statement in any room. Star-struck collectors will find plenty to love about our unique tributes to movie and TV legends, including a WIZARD OF OZ™ wall clock, cold-cast bronze sculptures of John Wayne to Betty Boop™ wine glasses and figurines. And for the history buffs, we offer stirring commemorative decor that brings the powerful words - and even the voices - of Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and more into your home. Once you've found the perfect icons home decor, be sure to check out our entire selection of wall clocks to find an array of custom-designed timepieces for every room. Don’t wait to decorate your home with iconic artistry and star-studded design. Shop Now!