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Promise Rings

Promise Rings Express Your Unique Bond

Love makes the world go "round". And there is no better symbol of that love than the perfect circle of couple's rings, including both engagement rings and wedding rings. But what about promise rings? If you know it's true love but are not quite ready to tie the knot, a promise ring can express everything you want it to.

Whether it's a friendship sure to last forever or a romance that grows stronger every day, important relationships are tied to a promise between two individuals. Promise rings symbolize that relationship wonderfully. The Bradford Exchange offers a great selection of promise rings with many unique styles to choose from. Plus, several of our promise rings can be personalized with birthstones or engravings to make them even more meaningful.

While you're checking out our promise rings for her, we invite you to also take a peek at the rest of our rings for women, featuring distinctive designs you won't find elsewhere. Ready to make that special promise? Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A promise ring is a symbol of the relationship between two individuals, and it expresses the couple's desire for the relationship to be sustained indefinitely.

The promise is intended to represent the commitment between the two individuals. An outward agreement that they will remain together.

While a promise ring and an engagement ring can look exactly the same, an engagement ring always suggests a prelude to marriage. A promise ring, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily mean a wedding day is in the foreseeable future.

While traditions and ring etiquette suggest it be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, you should wear a promise ring on the finger that makes most sense to you.

Usually they are. That is if you define a couple as two individuals in a relationship. They can, however, symbolize both romantic love and friendship.