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Angel Figurines

Religious Angel Figurines to Send Spirits Soaring

Angels are messengers of Heaven's love, here to help us in every facet of our lives, and the lives of those we love. At work, home, or on the go, the comfort of angels is always welcome, and The Bradford Exchange is delighted to help celebrate their inspirational power with religious angel figurines for you and everyone you love. Whatever joys and challenges life brings, here you'll find an angel figurine to share all the love and support in your heart.

Our unparalleled selection of collectible figurines is a delight to explore and includes Christmas figurines and religious figurines custom created to express the power faith with elegance, beauty, and thoughtful symbolism. Among these treasures you'll find our angel figurines shine bright; each artfully designed and handcrafted in exquisite detail.

The Symbolism of Angel Decor Enriches Every Space, Every Day

Throughout history and across cultures, people have relied on the powerful presence of angels at life's most pivotal moments, from birth to our last days and beyond. Images of angels grace our places of worship, work and homes, and our angel figurines are the perfect way to help connect us to one another and the divine, symbolizing comfort in times of loss and need, the wisdom of the ages, and hearts filled with wonder.

The wings of our angel figurines can inspire achievement and lift a heavy heart. An angel's halo represents purity, holiness, and enlightenment. The radiant lantern of an angel offers guidance. Some angel figurines wield heavenly weapons of protection - fire, swords, or trumpets - signifying the Lord's infinite might. An angel figurine accompanied by a dove shares a message of peace, while a cardinal is a poignant reminder of lost loved ones, now in Heaven.

Superb Design and Artistry Creates Perfect Angels for Everyone

Meaningful custom designs are a hallmark of our angel figurines, and here you'll find exclusive angel figurines inspired by the visionary work of acclaimed artists like Thomas Kinkade, Keith Mallett, Nene Thomas and Dona Gelsinger, along with beloved icons like the Precious Moments® characters.

An encouraging angel figurine makes the perfect birthday or graduation gift for a treasured daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson. A beautiful angel figurine displayed anywhere in your home is a powerful affirmation of faith. The comfort of an angel figurine is the perfect way to support someone grieving for a beloved pet. An angel figurine is the perfect expression of pride for heritage and culture. Choose a single Thomas Kinkade angel figurine to grace a place of private contemplation or celebrate the holidays with an impressive Nativity figurine collection featuring a stunning angel watching over the Holy Family.

Whatever your choice, each of our angel figurines is a triumph of handcraftsmanship, using the finest materials, from lustrous porcelain and shimmering crystals to gleaming platinum and genuine gold accents and inspirational inscriptions. Some glow with gentle illumination or fill the air with touching melodies.

Bring a Bit of Heaven Home Today

Don't wait to explore all the ways our beautiful angel collectibles and figurines, along with all our religious figurines, can bless your home and delight the special people in your life. Shop Now!