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I LOVE LUCY® Collectibles Keep the Laughs Coming

When it comes to collectibles, The Bradford Exchange Online is the place to find tributes to passions or interests that matter, ranging from movies and sports to Thomas Kinkade keepsakes and Christmas decor. So, it's only natural that even after all this time, we still love Lucy! We're proud to present a fabulous selection of officially licensed I LOVE LUCY collectibles, from figurines, dolls, and jewelry to apparel, home decor and more. Each is specially created to celebrate the one and only I LOVE LUCY show and keep the laughter alive for many more years to come.

Remember the hilarious chocolate factory episode? Or the Vitameatavegamin™ scene? Or Lucy in that amazing Carmen Miranda getup? Now all those incredible moments and many more are immortalized in our I LOVE LUCY Fashion Doll Collection. Best of all, these amazing dolls actually play sound bites from the episodes they portray, along with the I LOVE LUCY theme song! Do you and your best friend ever have those "Lucy and Ethel" moments? Celebrate them with our Precious Moments® I LOVE LUCY: Now and Forever Figurine Collection. You can even charm a fellow fan with I LOVE LUCY jewelry, like our I LOVE LUCY Bracelet, showcasing retro TV charms with famous scenes from the show, Swarovski® crystals and more.

This is the place to make Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel a fantastic, hilarious part of every day with I LOVE LUCY gifts, collectibles, and even I LOVE LUCY jewelry. And while you're sharing all those laughs with the world, you'll also enjoy knowing your I LOVE LUCY collectibles are superbly handcrafted and made to keep the laughs coming, guaranteed. They are not available in any stores, so don't miss your chance. Shop Now!

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