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Santa Claus
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Santa Figurines Put the "Ho, Ho, Ho" in Your Holidays

Maybe you already know that The Bradford Exchange Online is home to a wonderful selection of collectible figurines celebrating your favorite passions, themes and characters. But did you know that when the Christmas season rolls around each year (and even after the season is over) we offer an abundance of festive figurines just waiting to put you in the holiday mood? It's true! And one of the most significant characters to make an appearance during the Christmas season is the one and only Santa Claus. Whether you call him St. Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or dear old jolly Santa, this red-suited, white-bearded rotund fellow plays a major part in all holiday activities. Which is why you just might fall into a holiday romance with all of our Christmas figurines, featuring Santa Claus and other festive favorites.

From his earliest appearance in the nostalgic Christmases of the past to the fast-paced holiday season of the current day, there are many representations of Santa Claus, each with his own devoted fans. Maybe you are most fond of the artful visions of Old St. Nick, as captured by the legendary Thomas Kinkade. Our fine Santa Claus collectibles showcase the Painter of Light™'s illuminating artwork within heartwarming scenes of quaint village Christmases. Some of these Thomas Kinkade Santas also incorporate the story of the Nativity and the magic of the very first Christmas for further inspiration. And these are just a few of our collectible Santa figurines. Our Santas have a great time celebrating the holidays with Precious Moments®, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®, COCA-COLA® and even the New England Patriots too. Why not take a little peek at all the special Santas we have to offer today?

Don't forget that Santa figurines also make great gifts, especially when shopping before the holidays. Won't someone on your list be happy to unwrap an heirloom-quality Santa figurine they can display in their home for seasons to come? Plus all of our collectible Santa figurines are backed by the best guarantee in the business, with returns up to one full year and free return shipping. That's all nice and not a bit of naughty! Ready to put a little "ho, ho, ho" in your holidays? Shop Now!