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Beautiful Cat Figurines to Warm Your Heart

When you're a "cat person," you can never have too many cats - especially when they are as adorable as our one-of-a-kind cat figurines! Like all of our cat collectibles, these sculpted treasures showcase your feline fancy with irresistible artistry. And as you've come to expect from our wide selection of unique figurines, each one is handcrafted to purr-fection! We have many different types of collectible cat figurines available at The Bradford Exchange. Whether you're looking for a black cat, a white cat, a tabby cat or a Siamese cat, we have plenty of options! We also have kitty cats dressed as Elvis, fire fighters, nurses, Marines, vampires, Egyptian pharaohs and much more. From Precious Moments® and Disney to Blake Jensen and Kayomi Harai, we partner with beloved brands and acclaimed artists to bring you a wide array of adorable feline figurines. A wonderful addition to your own home decor, they also make great gifts for cat lovers, perfect for any occasion! And if you're not a cat person yourself, we have collectibles for many interests, from dogs to sports to angels and beyond. Be sure to check them out - right after you've selected the perfect cat figurines, of course. Shop Now!

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