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Marilyn Monroe
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Stunning Marilyn Monroe Collectibles: Handcrafted Figurines

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most enduring and well-known icons in American popular culture. Her talent, beauty and all around charisma keep her alive in the hearts of Americans. Decades after her demise she is still a legendary actress and archetypal diva that seduced an entire country with her flirty smile and seemingly innocent allure. To honor her, The Bradford Exchange Online is pleased to offer exclusive Marilyn Monroe collectibles for all those who love this legendary actress to own and admire. The attributes of these collectibles are inherited from Marilyn Monroe herself: charisma, charm and beauty.

Alluring Marilyn Monroe Decorations Featuring Authentic Figurine Collections

Each Marilyn Monroe figurine from The Bradford Exchange features different attire, all inspired by the elegant gowns worn so gracefully by the actress. Decorating your home or other personal space is easy with our glamorous collection of movie gown-inspired Marilyn Monroe figurines. The figurines embrace the charm of Marilyn herself.

Impressively sized at 18", the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Sculpture is a collectible figurine featuring the memorable movie pose and sparkling with 100 simulated diamonds. A collection of wall decor beginning with the Shimmering Beauty showcasing the actress in the famous scene from Seven Year Itch in a first-of-a-kind Marilyn Monroe collectible. Our Marilyn Monroe collectible figurines are issued in limited editions and hand-numbered with a Certificate to ensure authenticity.

Marilyn Monroe Jewelry Make Dazzling Glamorous Statements

A piece of uniquely handcrafted Marilyn Monroe jewelry will add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe for any occasion. The unforgettable charm of Marilyn is reflected in the shimmers created by Swarovski crystals that adorn the Marilyn Monroe "Shining Star" necklace. Shop our Marilyn Monroe jewelry exclusives available from The Bradford Exchange Online for a dazzling statement.

Our Marilyn Monroe memorabilia make wonderful collectibles and gifts. Besides figurines and jewelry, we also offer other home decoration and even a collection of glassware. Bring some glamour into your home and Shop Now!

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Marilyn Monroe