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Christmas Décor
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Enter the Magical World of Christmas Music Boxes

The selection of exclusive Christmas music boxes from The Bradford Exchange Online can help add a touch of joyful melody to your holiday season. Whatever your Christmas decor style, our music boxes can bring a sense of flair and festivity to your home. Browse our music box themes to find your perfect Christmas music boxes.

Christmas Music Boxes Brighten Holiday Decorations

When it comes to decorating your home, choosing a special music box for Christmas cheer makes the perfect complement to your holiday celebration. When displaying your music boxes in a Christmas setting, whether you have one spectacular Christmas music box, or a group of music boxes, it gives the overall festive atmosphere a more magical feel.

Christmas Music Box Themes for Everyone

Our selection of holiday music boxes includes the works of Thomas Kinkade, the classic Wizard of Oz™ film, Budweiser®, and, of course, Santa, nostalgic Christmas themes and religious Nativity scenes. These Christmas themes continue to capture the hearts of people everywhere, making them thoughtful holiday gifts that people will enjoy for years to come. If you are looking for a truly unique music box this Christmas, shop our beautiful Christmas music boxes now for the best selections.

Some of our most cherished music boxes in recent years have been Thomas Kinkade music boxes that are based on his world famous illuminated light paintings. The soft colors, vibrant illusion of light add dramatic details to each of these Thomas Kinkade music boxes. Thomas Kinkade’s music boxes are always well-loved and collected among those who enjoy his artwork.

Our Christmas Music Boxes are Uniquely Yours

All of our Christmas-themed music boxes feature unique designs available only from The Bradford Exchange, and they are all meticulously crafted to showcase intricate details in sculptural form. Some of our most beloved music box collections are available in limited editions, so don't wait to get your favorite Christmas or holiday music boxes before they are gone forever. Shop Now!

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