Elvis® Collectibles Celebrate the King of Rock 'n' Roll™

Whether you thrill to Elvis Presley®'s electrifying performances on stage, in films, or on TV - or are a fan of his breakthroughs in rock music - at The Bradford Exchange Online we've got the fabulous Elvis collectibles to keep the legend alive for you! Elvis's smoldering good looks, his iconic moves on stage and his fabulous costumes are all recreated here in handcrafted, hand-painted detail to create collectible Elvis figurines that will excite any fan. And it's not just Elvis you'll see here, because even Mickey Mouse and the M&M'S® Red character know how to mount a mean tribute performance when the spirit moves them! And since each Elvis collectible is fully authorized by The Estate of Elvis Presley, there's no better way to remember Elvis's impact as an entertainment legend!

Elvis Jewelry Shows Your Style with Some Serious Fan Bling

Elvis always had a strong sense of personal style, right down to the famous jewelry he loved to wear both on and off stage. Our exclusive Elvis jewelry designs offer an exciting selection of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and even commemorative watches that sparkle with style, and some even offer full-color portraits of Elvis in performance. Any serious Elvis fan won't want to be without one or more of these jewelry pieces, sure to start conversations while they show a bit of Elvis's style, as well as your own.

Elvis Rings Really Capture the Essence of His Style

If you're looking for an authentic piece of Elvis jewelry to wear with real fan pride, we offer a faithful replica of Elvis's famous TCB™ ring, right down to the lightning bolt design, now styled perfectly for a woman to wear! This and other Elvis rings we offer are exciting jewelry designs, not available in stores and sure to bring the glittering spirit of America's rock and roll legend into your fashion wardrobe. All of our exclusive fine jewelry designs, fully licensed by the Estate of Elvis Presley, are every Elvis fan's dream to own and to wear. To find the perfect show-stopping Elvis tribute among an outstanding selection of collectibles, jewelry and apparel, come to where Elvis Lives! at The Bradford Exchange Online. Shop Now!

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