Villages & Trains

Decorative Villages Put a World at Your Fingertips

No matter what neighborhood you happen to live in, when you bring the old-fashioned charm and warmth of one of our decorative villages into your home, you have the pleasure of creating your own small "neighborhood" of perfectly-scaled collector treasures. Love the art of Thomas Kinkade? Many of our decorative villages bring the vintage Victorian homes and artwork of this beloved artist to 3-dimensional life in wonderful detail. All of the exclusive collectible villages from The Bradford Exchange Online are illuminated, and many collectible villages also come with FREE figurines and display accessories to get you started with all of the important details of your decorative village from the very beginning of the collecting experience.

Every Village Collectible Tells Its Own Story

Whether it's the peaceful setting of a Thomas Kinkade winter village scene, or the boisterous activity of "game day" around the stadium of your favorite sports team, our collectible villages make the small-scale experience of each village collectible seem almost real! The intricate sculpting of each collectible house or building is enhanced with hand-painted details, and it's these amazing details that make each village collectible such a pleasure to own and display. The collectible houses in your display will come to life with the perfectly scaled, hand-painted figurines and accessories that "fit right in" to each decorative village scene, adding even more charm to each village collection.

Build Your Own Collectible Town - You're In Charge!

When it comes to arranging the buildings, figures and accessories in your collectible village, it's purely your own imagination that decides how your collectible town will look! Imagine the fun of building your collectible town display as it grows over time, like our exclusive COCA-COLA® village where you can add any number of display options, like retro accessories, figurines, "snow" on the ground, surrounding trees and so much more. To get started on the pleasures of owning and displaying your own decorative village or collectible town with all of these exceptional handcrafted details, there's no better place to shop than The Bradford Exchange Online. Shop Now!

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