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Q: What is a subscription plan?

A: A Subscription Plan is a convenient way to build a collection, one issue at a time. By choosing to purchase a collection via our Subscription Plan, you can receive shipments about every month, and you won't risk an increase on the price of other issues in the collection. You may, however, cancel at any time with no obligation by contacting us by e-mail, phone or mail.

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Q: Benefits of a subscription plan

A: There are many benefits to purchasing a collection with our subscription plan:

  • Each issue will be shipped automatically, one at a time, until you cancel your collection.
  • Once you subscribe, your issue price is secured and you never risk a price increase for future issues in your collection.
  • You will never have to order future issues separately and we will keep track of all the issues you have received.
  • Choose a payment method when you subscribe to the collection and the charges for each issue will be automatically deducted from the same payment method when it is sent to you later.
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Q: Shipping your collection by subscription

A: Usually, each issue in a collection is shipped and billed separately to you, approximately every month or two, after each previous item in the collection was shipped and paid in full.

If you selected Express Shipping or 2-Day Shipping, only the first item in a collection will be sent to you via either of these shipping options. All subsequent shipments in the collection will be sent to you via Standard Shipping.

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Q: Billing for your collection by subscription

A: When you pay for your first item in a collection by credit card or PayPal, the charges for all subsequent issues in your collection will be deducted from the same payment method. This holds true when purchasing a collection via phone, mail or online.

NOTE: PayPal is available for online orders only.

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Q: Seeing what's coming in a subscription plan

A: You can see the first issue in a collection on the detail page for that particular collection. When possible, we provide photos of other issues in a collection on that same page. However, images of all subsequent issues in a collection may not always be available, either on our Web site or through our Customer Service Department.

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Q: Collection guarantee

A: The guarantee of satisfaction that covers the first issue in a collection also covers all the issues in that collection. You may, without hesitation and for any reason whatsoever return any item you purchase within the specified guarantee period. Click here to see the specific guarantee period for items we offer.

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Q: Length of village and train subscription plans

A: Many of our village and train collections are currently open-ended. That means that the number of items that will be issued within the collection has not yet been determined when the collection is first offered for sale.

Issues within the collection are offered at intervals based on schedules determined by the skilled craftsmanship required to create each item in the collection. Collectors may cancel at any time with no obligation.

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Q: Village accessories

A: While some village collections do offer free accessories, they are not offered together in a one-time shipment. An accessory may or may not be included with each village sculpture. Also, additional accessories for your village collection may be offered and sold separately.

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Q: Important debit card information

A: If you are using a debit card to make payments on a collection purchased with our Subscription Plan, please be aware that issues in your collection may be shipped and billed to you more often than just once a month.

This could cause an overdraft on some accounts. To avoid this, please make arrangements to avoid any overdrafts. We're sorry, but we cannot be responsible for any overdraft charges should this occur.

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