Affiliates Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our Affiliate Partner Network?
When you join our free program, you team with one of the world's largest and most trusted industry leaders. We pay commissions on thousands of products, consisting of both our own exclusives and those from merchandising partners.

When do I earn my commission?
When the customer places an order, the cookie information that gives you credit for facilitating the sale will be transmitted to us. You will earn your commission on the retail price of the merchandise we ship in response to such paid orders, except that we may take deductions where the customer returns the merchandise or the credit card issuer charges us back for a payment previously made. We will track this cookie and order information, along with information concerning shipments, payments and returns. Provided we owe you at least $25 when we make the monthly calculation, each month we will send you a check for your commission on the net sales revenue your site has generated. It's that simple.

Is my site eligible to become an affiliate? wants to work with all types of sites, from large commercial sites to individual Web pages, and everything in between. Anyone may submit an application, and we review each and every potential Affiliate Web site before accepting it into the network.

To qualify for our Program, your Web site must meet the following criteria:

  1. The site must not contain any pornographic or offensive material.
  2. Your traffic should exceed 500 unique visitors per day (subject to our approval).
  3. Your site should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use (subject to our approval).

Please note that we reserve the right to deny any application that does not meet these criteria. If your site is rejected, you may re-apply at any time. We ask that all qualified parties review our Affiliate Terms and Conditions before applying to our Affiliate Program.

What does it cost to join?
Nothing! It's absolutely free to join the Affiliate Partner Network. You are free to cancel at any time.

Can a web site based outside the United States be an affiliate?
At this time we are not able to ship products outside the U.S. through our Affiliate Partner Program. This may change in the future, so check back here frequently. We welcome Affiliate sites from across the world as long as their target audience is based in the United States. All referral fee payment checks to affiliates are denominated in U.S. dollars.

Will you help me with my site?
Yes! We can provide recommendations on how to build a better online store and how to link to The Bradford Exchange and its affiliated companies, as well as suggestions for great products to feature on your site. We also send out a monthly newsletter with e-marketing tips, merchandising recommendations and more. If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

Can I use your search engine?
Yes! In fact, our experience has shown that using our search engine is the easiest and most effective way to sell products from our affiliate sites. You can build our search forms right into your site, giving your visitors direct access to our extensive database so they can search for any product.

How will I monitor my sales from day to day?
You can use the "Reports" tab to run performance and transaction reports within the Partnerize dashboard to track your sales. These reports tell you how many users saw and clicked through the links to from your site, how many orders were placed, which products were purchased, how much your site has earned in commissions, and much more. You can use these reports to analyze your sales and increase your profits.

Questions about becoming an affiliate for The Bradford Exchange and its affiliated companies?

Contact our team at