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After the thrill of the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, it always seems like the new NFL season can't come soon enough. But now football fans can rejoice, as the very first kickoff has finally arrived. The Bradford Exchange Online will be here, as always, offering you sensational ways to cheer on your favorite team. And as we get closer to Super Bowl XLVII, be sure to visit this page for NFL news, special updates and exciting football collectibles announcements.

The Rivalry Begins With the Very First NFL Kickoff!

This Quarterback Hero is gunning strong for your Green Bay team! Bring home a first-ever salute uniting Disney and The Pack!

It's finally here! NFL fans have satisfied their football urges with a battery of pre-season matchups, but tonight is the REAL DEAL! Gridiron action kicks off 8:30 PM ET at MetLife Stadium, when the Super Bowl XLVI Champions, the New York Giants host the legendary Dallas Cowboys. All the festivities begin one hour earlier, when multi-platinum global stars Mariah Carey and No Doubt are scheduled to perform, celebrating the official arrival of the NFL season.

Whether it starts with Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry, with allegiances to both teams as player and coach, or the fact that they are division rivals in the NFC East, the tense competition between the Cowboys and the Giants is palpable. That said, there is no better matchup to begin the 2012 season. Those who root for America's Team will be sure to have their Dallas Cowboys gear engaged, while those cheering on the Big Blue will be manned with their New York Giants gear. The gauntlet is officially down!

For those wondering if there will be life after Week One, have no fear. You can already feel the iron tension promised in the second week of NFL play, when the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers. With a combined total of 22 NFL championships between the two teams, including 5 Super Bowl victories, things are bound to get exciting. The two longstanding rivals last met on Christmas Day, and we can only imagine what "gifts" they might have in store for each other when they clash on September 13. Visit our Chicago Bears shop now to find great ways to honor the Monsters of the Midway. Or, if your loyalties stand on the other side of the field, maybe this Green Bay Packers ring is more your style.

The season is now in full motion, and The Bradford Exchange always offers unique NFL collectibles and football gifts honoring all 32 teams. No need to "go long" when you are always just a click away from a touchdown!

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Gridiron Glory! The 2012 NFL Season Kicks Off!

Celebrate your Super Bowl XLVI Champions, the New York Giants when you shop officially-licensed collectibles, gifts and more.

The training camps have shuttered, pre-season games are in motion, and the kickoff to the 2012 NFL season is nigh. Super Bowl XLVI Champions the New York Giants will tackle the legendary Dallas Cowboys on September 5th, providing an action-packed start to a brand-new season of grueling gridiron grudge matches. NFL fans across the country will certainly be watching. Will you?

Even though the NFL is just now engaged in pre-season matchups, it's not too early to start thinking about which team will take home this year's Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Bradford Exchange Online has always been a superior destination for devoted fans, offering collectible football memorabilia that's certainly touchdown worthy. From bold team helmet lamps to officially-licensed NFL rings and more, we always give you distinctive ways to support and honor your favorite team.

If the date February 5, 2012 is significant to you, you are probably a New York Giants fan. Their defeat of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI sparked a celebration that is still in full force. Will they take the NFL's top prize this season? Only time will tell. But if you're a hardcore fan, it's always a good idea to have your New York Giants gear ready for action. There was never a better time to flaunt your team pride.

If you're a fan on the lookout for special NFL merchandise, you might want to get off the sidelines and discover our unique football collectibles and gifts. We features all 32 teams, so it's easy for you to sport your true colors. And just wait until you see what we have in store for Super Bowl XLVII. You won't want to miss it!

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