Celebrate your Team with Music Boxes for Sports Fans

Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes: football fans, baseball fans, college sports fans. Then there are those who take their sports in the great outdoors, with a fishing pole in hand. Whichever kind of fan you are, our sports-themed music boxes will help you show your team spirit in a charming and timeless way. From a collection of NFL "love bug" music boxes and World Series Champions™ musical tributes to college pride music boxes celebrating your school spirit, our winning selection of musical keepsakes are delightful expressions of your pride and devotion. Browse these collectible treasures and scout out your favorite music boxes!

A Winning Lineup of Music Boxes from MLB®, the NFL, Colleges and Fishing

If you live for NFL football or the thrill of hooking a prize bass; if the sound of a bat connecting with a 90-mph fastball is music to your ears; if you've got St. Louis Cardinals™ fever or the Oklahoma Sooners® bug, our sports music boxes are just the thing. Our lineup includes cute-as-a-bug tributes to your team or school, lovable little ladybugs "dressed" in team colors. Or sweeten the deal with HERSHEY'S KISSES®-shaped music boxes boasting the official logo and colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Our Sports-Themed Music Boxes are Uniquely Designed

Our unique sports-themed music boxes, each playing a rousing melody and showcasing symbols of a sport or team, feature original designs only available from The Bradford Exchange. Each one is individually crafted for heirloom quality in the most intricate level of detail - so you'll enjoy it as you root for your team year after year. Some of our most fan-favorite music boxes are available in limited editions and Christmas music boxes too, so don't wait to order or you could be disappointed. Shop Now!

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