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Precious Moments Celebrates with You

What is it about Precious Moments® collectibles that makes them so irresistible? Their power to capture our most cherished relationships, memories, and passions is undeniable, and at The Bradford Exchange Online that's a power we deeply value. It's the inspiration behind all our unique figurines, keepsakes and gifts. So we're especially delighted to bring you an amazing selection of exclusive Precious Moments figurines, all created to celebrate your treasured relationships and memories.

For decades, the beloved Precious Moments characters have delighted fans with their sweet messages, their expressive teardrop eyes, and their unique artistic style. So, we have to ask: what are your most precious moments? The time you and your sweetheart went to that amazing football game? Memories of seeing the movie "Grease" with your high school girlfriends? Here you'll find Precious Moments figurines that perfectly capture just those experiences. Did you bond with your dad over late night episodes of STAR TREK? Remember every Gorn- and Tribble-filled moment with our Precious Moments STAR TREK To Boldly Go Figurine Set. Remember the way your heart melted when you listened to all the rocking Elvis's tunes? Our Precious Moments I Heart Elvis Figurine Collection will do just that. For every special love, for every treasured memory, we're sure to have the perfect Precious Moments treasure.

And beyond our magical Precious Moments selection, you'll also find an amazing world of collectibles, keepsakes, special gifts, fine jewelry and so much more! Exclusive artistry, superb craftsmanship, and your guaranteed satisfaction - it's all here, waiting to help you celebrate the ones you love and the moments you cherish most of all. Shop Now!