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Animal Collectibles

Unique Animal Lover Collectibles

Animals have a special way of captivating our minds and capturing our hearts, and our animal lover collectibles can help us celebrate that bond. If you, or someone you shop for, love animals and nature, you have come to the right place. Our array of animal-themed collectibles is a precious addition to your own collection and they make unique animal lover gifts.

To honor your love for animals and nature, don't miss our variety of beautiful animal lover collectibles (and many treasures beyond "collectibles" - we have jewelry, home decor items, apparel and more.) Our unique animal lover collectibles offer designs for different tastes and preferences, from the most sweet and charming to the most intriguing and intricate. You will enjoy shopping our animal collectibles and give them as gifts to someone who shares your passion for animals.

Animal Figurines for Animal Lovers Everywhere

We invite you to browse our wide selection of animal-themed figurines for the best craftsmanship, artistic depiction and detail; each figurine offers something unique and many are limited-edition. Our "animal kingdom" is filled with a variety of collectible figurines: from garden birds and eagles to cats, from dogs to wolves, from deer to horses, and don't miss the dolphins and so much more.

Our exclusive animal figurines are beautifully captured with amazing lifelike detail. Each one is hand-sculpted to capture the perfect pose or expression of an animal. Love cats? See our Wake-Up Call Figurine, you can almost feel the cat breathing. Prefer dogs? We have Yorkies, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and much more.

But that was just for the "domestic" kind. How about horses? The Thundering Spirits Figurine Collection is not to be missed. When you put all five of them together, you will love this impressive and realistic display.

Our animal figurines are handcrafted and hand-painted for years of enjoyment. The best part is that they come in many different depictions and a variety of price rang, so anyone can enjoy the love of animals and nature in the comfort of your own home.

Purses Featuring Animals Are Just the Start of Our Unique Apparel/Accessories Offers

Looking for more interesting ways to express your love for animals? We have uniquely designed and stylish purses with animals so you can carry your passion for animals with you wherever you go. The Faithful Friend leather-trimmed handbag lets you choose your favorite dog breed (with dozens to choose from) and it's embellished with many special touches.

We also offer a variety of animal art clothing that is crafted with the finest details and materials, so you can express your love for animals while keeping a great style and warmth. Our animal art apparel features jackets, shirts, shoes, scarf sets and more. Browse our unique selection of animal purses and clothing to find one that's perfect for you or as a gift for a fellow animal lover. Shop Now!