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Discover and Share the Magic of Snowglobes

Have you ever held a snowglobe and gotten lost in the magical world inside? It's that sense of wonder and mystery that makes a snowglobe such a treasure. At The Bradford Exchange, our unique collectibles are designed to bring delight and wonder to everyone and every day, including our breathtaking selection of collectible snowglobes.

Hold Worlds of Wonder in Your Hands

How do we create these enchanting worlds that can be cradled in your hands? From the first spark of inspiration to the final hand-painted brushstroke, our heirloom quality snow globes are masterful works of craftsmanship. Depending on each unique design, they are also known as water globes and glitter globes. Some are designed to create a mesmerizing swirl inside with a gentle shake, while others automatically circulate "snow" or glitter with the flip of a switch. Many play music, and there are snow globes featuring lights and motion. Want to let someone know just how special they are? Give them a snow globe personalized just for them!

A Swirl of Adventure in Every Snow Globe

Our snow globes have the unique power to whisk you into worlds of the imagination, entire kingdoms of romance and galaxies of adventure. Spend time with your favorite Disney characters with Disney snow globes or add a merry touch to the holidays with Christmas snow globes. Visit Halloween Town, HOGWARTS™ or EMERALD CITY™, attend the Queen's historic coronation, or seek the wisdom of STAR WARS™ Jedi Master Yoda™. Discover romance in the wilderness, celebrate the miracle of faith, or join a cuddle puddle of puppies or kittens. There are so many worlds to discover and share.

Treasures to Delight One and All

From adventurous snowglobes to holiday snowglobes to personalized snowglobes, our spectacular selection is a wondrous world of irresistible home decor, heartwarming keepsakes, and unforgettable gifts for you and everyone you love. Don't wait to find the snowglobes of your dreams and explore all our unique, innovative, and amazing collectibles. Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Snowglobes and Glitter Globes

Snowglobes are made from a variety of materials, both synthetic and real, including porcelain, wood, plastic, metal and glass. The snowglobes available at The Bradford Exchange are always designed by master artisans and expertly crafted from the finest materials so that they will last for many years to come.

Standard glitter is used in most glitter globes. However, sometimes diecut hearts and other symbolic shapes are used as well in addition to the glitter. These are made of plastic.

Most of the liquid inside of snowglobes is water, with some light oil and antifreeze mixed in to prevent the snow, glitter and shapes from falling to the bottom too quickly.

The liquid inside of snowglobes is potentially toxic, but only if you were to break it open and drink it.

Most snowblobes cannot be repaired. If you have a snowglobe that you love, the easiest way to preserve it is to treat it with care. This will ensure a long life for your snowglobe without the worry of it breaking.