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Unique Collectibles Inspired by Passions and Interests

There are many reasons why people collect: the draw of nostalgia, personal investment, general interest and an overall fascination with a certain people, places, things or events in culture. Collectibles can be potent symbols of all these things. They also allow collectors to preserve pieces of their own history or expressions of their personality in keepsakes that can provide enjoyment for many years to come.

The Bradford Exchange has been a part of that tradition for 50 years now, offering a wide selection of collectible coins, figurines, sculptures, art prints and even fine jewelry and apparel not found elsewhere. It's a place where passion becomes art, and where you can find unique collectibles made to bring joy, stir emotions and let collectors show off handcrafted expressions of the things they love.

Collectible Coins and Proofs Document History's Greatest Moments

One of the most fascinating places to go exploring is the world of collectible coins . Every coin, piece of currency, shiny medallion or Proof has its own special story to tell, so coin collecting is perfect for history buffs, whether it's U.S. history, world history or an interest in the landmark conflicts like WWI and WWII that shaped our world throughout time. Coins also make a fun and easy way to get into collecting if you are just getting started.

Marketed under the name of The Bradford Exchange Mint, our offering of coin collectibles includes those that are minted with precious metals like gold and silver, ancient treasures, shipwreck coins, uncirculated legal tender in exclusive presentations, and even fine jewelry that incorporates coveted coins into the design.

Collectible Figurines and Sculptures Show Off What You Love

Figurines and sculptures are the perfect way for collectors to let their passion shine. Think about the things that make you excited and happy, the things that bring you comfort and inspire you. When these are captured in the form of collectible figurines, it can be so rewarding to show them off in your home, especially knowing they were designed to bring joy to both you and the people you care about.

There is so much to discover! From holidays, pop culture and classic cars, to sports, animals, and patriotism, the many themes of our figurines let all collectors find handcrafted works of art that speak to them. And many of these treasures are officially licensed or available in limited editions so you know you're getting something special.

We invite you to have a look around. You'll soon begin to find collectibles from Thomas Kinkade , Disney , STAR WARS™ , Precious Moments® , original artists, exclusive premieres and so much more. This truly is where collecting dreams come true. Shop Now!