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Collectibles for Everyone to Cherish and Share

There is one thing all collectibles have in common - they hold happiness! Everyone has their own reasons for collecting, but they all boil down to bringing the collector joy, whether you love the heartwarming appeal of figurines and sculptures, the shimmer of fine jewelry and watches, or the fascinating world of collectible coins. The perfect collectible treasure for you celebrates who you are and what you love.

At The Bradford Exchange, what matters to you is what matters to us, and each of our unique collectibles is beautifully designed and superbly crafted of the finest materials, creating keepsakes that are meant to be collected and cherished.

And for those who love movies, television, music and popular culture, you will be delighted to see the officially licensed collectibles we have in store. Fans of the movie "Ghostbusters" can uncover fun ways to haunt their homes with Slimer™, Stay Puft and other memorable spirits.

Are you a HARRY POTTER™ fan? Possibly a STAR WARS™ fan as well? We offer collectibles that let you relive your favorite moments and experience your favorite characters from these beloved franchises.

Feeling a little nostalgic? Step back in time to relive the classic advertising and refreshing taste of COCA-COLA®. Or perhaps a visit with the King of Rock 'n' Roll™, complements of our Elvis Presley™ collectibles. You can even take a trip to the old west with memorabilia showcasing the iconic movie roles of John Wayne.

Discover just how easy it is to find the collectibles that are your passion and the gifts you dream of giving, all in one convenient shopping experience. From Disney collectibles and keepsakes to sports collectibles and memorabilia, from holiday treasures to Queen Elizabeth II collectibles, and PEANUTS collectibles, wonders await! Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Both spellings of the word are correct. It just depends on where you live. If you are in the U.S., most people spell it "collectible". Regardless of how you spell the word, you should know The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of unique and one-of-a-kind collectibles (or collectables) we think you're going to love.

The Bradford Exchange offers many unique collectibles including figurines and sculptures, collector plates, Zippo® lighters, music boxes, collectible coins, commemorative home decor, electric train collections, snow globes and water globes, artistic Christmas trees and ornaments, collectible diecast cars and more.

There is certainly a very clear distinction that can be made between collectibles and toys. While toys are made primarily to be played with by children, collectibles are created for adults to display and enjoy, just like the many choices available here. Of course, toys can eventually become collectibles. Particularly antique toys, due to their age and rarity. But by the time toys have matured into their collectible stage, any interest by children has sufficiently waned.

For most collectibles we recommend dusting with a soft cloth, a small makeup brush, or using spray designed for computer keyboards, which emits puffs of air to remove dust particles from small spaces.

Porcelain items may be cleaned with a mild soap-and-water solution, then rinsed in clear water and dried by hand. However, if they are decorated with simulated jewels, fabric or leather, they should be hand dusted only.

Limited-edition collector plates are for display purposes only. They should never be used for serving food because of the rare metallic pigments fired into the plates for color fidelity.

Never wash any of your fine collectibles in a dishwasher. Avoid placing your collectibles in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and always handle them with care.