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Music Boxes Add Inspiration to Each Day

It all started in 1796. Antoine Favre-Solomon, a clockmaker from Geneva, patented the very first cylinder music box. This novel creation ushered in centuries of musical innovation - from the Swiss exports of yesteryear to the jubilant modern creations of today. This is why, here at The Bradford Exchange, we take great pride in the selection of music boxes we bring to the collectors and enthusiasts. And there are so many reasons to fall in love with our musical treasures, from their beautiful artistic flourishes to their inspiring heartfelt melodies and unique personal touches. So, are you ready to find your perfect music box?

What Types of Music Boxes Are Available Here?

Among the many categories of music boxes we offer, the one we keep coming back to is our custom music boxes. We love every music box we created and offer, of course, but these personalized musical tributes honor the people we hold closest to our hearts, including daughters, sons, sisters, mothers, friends and more, that is why they are so special to us. Many can be personalized with the name of your loved one for a one-of-a-kind gift they'll always remember. And they are also available in so many designs to fit every taste.

Speaking of every taste, we are proud to cater to a wide variety of tastes with music boxes inspired by specific themes and interests. If you have a keen eye for art, you're sure to appreciate music boxes featuring artwork from visionaries like Thomas Kinkade, Lena Liu, the Hautman Brothers and Sandra Kuck. Are you a fan of the HARRY POTTER film series or the classic movie THE WIZARD OF OZ? You'll find music boxes celebrating those films. Are you head over heels for Elvis? Seal your adoration with a music box that plays an Elvis song melody.

How Our Music Boxes are Crafted

From granddaughter music boxes to religious music boxes to Christmas music boxes, all our musical keepsakes are expertly crafted of quality materials like wood, metal, glass and porcelain. Master Artisans bring their expertise and precision to every music box, making sure no detail is overlooked. Plus, they boast additional special features like intricate engravings, hand-painted flourishes, crystal accents and many even deliver touching sentiments. You can rest assured that a music box is sure to fill hearts with joy and ears with delightful tunes. The perfect music box is only a few clicks away. Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of crossover when it comes to music boxes and jewelry boxes. A music box can also serve the function of holding jewelry, if it is constructed with a storage area inside. Similarly, a jewelry box can also play a favorite melody as well.

The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of collectible music boxes celebrating different things, including favorite interests and important bonds. And some of our music boxes feature a small compartment hidden inside that would make a perfect storage solution for individual pieces of your prized jewelry. That makes these heirloom treasures both music boxes and jewelry boxes too.

Yes, you can personalize music boxes. The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of personalized music boxes that allow you to add engraved names and messages, and sometimes birthstones, to the design.

While our music boxes do not offer the option of custom tunes, they do play some of the most beloved songs of all time, from heartfelt melodies like "You Are My Sunshine", to popular ones like "You Are So Beautiful".

Each music box we sell is unique and features a design you won't find anywhere else. Our selection of music boxes offers a range of price points from $39.99 to $139.99.

The dimensions of our music boxes vary based on their unique designs and shapes. However, the most common measurements are 3-3/4 inches L x 2-3/8 inches W x 3-5/8 inches H, 6 inches L x 4 inches W x 2-1/2 inches H, and 4-1/4 inches W x 3-1/4 inches H x 3 inches D.