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Collectible Coins

Collectible Coins Capture Unique Stories from History

The Bradford Exchange has long been home to a wide selection of unique collectibles you won’t find anywhere else. Certainly, prized among these collectible treasures are our coin collections, mint sets, genuine rare coinage and fine jewelry designs crafted with real coins.

Some of our collectible coins are minted with the finest gold and some of precious silver, some are old (even ancient) and some are brand new, but each one tells its own distinctive story, whether it has been in circulation, protected and preserved for many years, or newly created to honor a specific event. That’s why coins are such a popular commodity among history buffs and collectors.

Imagine owning every 20th century Silver Dollar ever minted without having to do the work of seeking each one out individually. Or how about showing loyalty to your favorite NFL team with a striking presentation of museum-quality coinage? Those are exactly the kinds of special treasures you will find when you shop with us. We even offer authentic shipwreck coins, world and U.S. history coins, collectible Proofs paying tribute to your favorite Disney characters and legal tender coins you can personalize with your own photos.

Whether you are just newly interested in collectible coins or you are a long-time coin collector, we invite you to check out our wealth of coin collections today. Shop Now!