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Baby Dolls Just for You - How to Find the Perfect Bundle of Joy

When it comes to the world of collectible dolls, there are just so many beautiful bundles of joy just waiting to find a home. The Bradford Exchange has a great big nursery of expertly handcrafted and loving baby dolls you could make yours, from So Truly Real® baby dolls to TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls. If you are looking for a baby doll of your own, here are a few tips to help find your perfect little one.

1. Do You Want a Boy or a Girl?

Are you dreaming of a little baby girl doll in pink or a little baby boy doll in blue? Maybe you would like one of each. Or perhaps even twins. Two times the cuteness is always a great way to go. Once you decide, take a peek at our precious baby dolls and see what happens next. You're in for a treat!

2. Find a Face to Fall in Love With

Once you start browsing, you're going to see so many adorable faces, many created by Master Doll Artists, with so much personality and realistic detail. Each baby doll is unique, just like his or her potential new parents, so we don't know which face you're going to fall in love with, but we do know that love is 100 percent guaranteed.

3. What Are They All About?

One of the things that makes each of our lifelike baby dolls unique is that they are each specially created with an idea by the artist, carefully complemented with their custom ensemble and playful accessories. They could have a favorite animal, like an elephant or a fox, or a favorite sports team to cheer for on game day. Some of these adorable tykes are ready to go fishing or poised to pop in the bathtub for a little rub-a-dub action. We even offer a miniature silicone alien doll that is truly out-of-this-world.

4. Special Interactive Features

What if your baby doll could "coo" or "giggle" in response to your gentle touch? What if you could feel and hear their "heartbeat" or sense them softly "breathing"? From feeling your baby gently squeeze your finger to helping your little one take their very first steps, you can experience the wonders of life again and again when you make one of our lifelike interactive dolls yours.

5. Bring Them Home

Now that you've had a little time to visit with our beautiful baby girl dolls and handsome baby boy dolls, it's time to take that last important step: deciding who to bring home. Did you find the perfect one? Maybe twins or triplets? Possibly even a whole passel of precious miracles to expand your household. If you're still deciding, that's okay too. Spend all the time you like with our adorable little cuties. But remember, it feels so much better when they are cuddled up in your arms. Shop Now!