• Cats
Making A Splash Sculpture Jürgen Scholz "Making A Splash" Kitten Sculpture
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$59.99 US
Smitten Kitten Plate "Smitten Kitten" Porcelain Collector Plate
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$34.99 US
Purr-fect Companions Plate Collection "Purr-fect Companions" Kitten Art Collector Plate Collection
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$34.99 US Each Issue
Jurgen Scholz Garden Reflections Figurine Collection Kitten Figurines With Jürgen Scholz Kitten Art
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$29.99 US Each Issue
Eye Of The Tiger Fantasy Doll Collection Poseable Tiger Women Fantasy Doll Collection
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$149.99 US Each Issue
Timeless Tails Tabletop Clock     Jürgen Scholz "Timeless Tails" Kitten Tabletop Clock
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$99.95 US
Welcome Home, Kitty Child Doll Jane Bradbury "Welcome Home, Kitty" Poseable Child Doll
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$79.99 US
Kitchen Comforts Cookie Jar Jürgen Scholz Kitten Art Ceramic Cookie Jar
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$89.95 US
Meowy Christmas Jingle Bells Ornament Collection: Set One Holiday Kitten Jingle Bells Ornament Collection
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$29.97 US
Tail Of Two Lovers Figurine Collection "Tail Of Two Lovers" Porcelain Cat Figurine Collection
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$49.98 US Each Issue
Purr-ecious Blessing Of Two Lovers Figurine Purr-ecious Blessing Blue Willow-Inspired Porcelain Figurine
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$49.98 US
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