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Unique Collectibles to Show Off Your Passions

One of the things that makes people unique is diversity of passions. Whether it's family, history, popular culture or sports, there are many things that inspire us and motivate us to share our love. This is why The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of collectibles to enjoy and express your love. Here are a few examples:

Unearth History with Rare Coins and Collections

Digging into the past is a fascinating activity for many people. What if it uncovered a wealth of collectible treasures documenting key events from history and honoring America's milestones? Offered in exclusive presentations from The Bradford Exchange Mint, our commemorative coins and coin collections allow enthusiasts to do just that.

Movie Collectibles Bring Hollywood to You

Whether you are anxiously awaiting a new MARVEL release, a long-time Disney devotee or under the spell of HARRY POTTER, we have some fantastic collectibles you are sure to find compelling. Our Disney collectibles capture the enchantment of movies like "Aladdin" and "The Lion King" in magical keepsakes including musical glitter globes and wall clocks. Plus, "Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" has inspired many of our creations, featuring Jack Skellington, Sally and other favorite denizens of Halloween Town. If it's superhero action that gets your adrenaline pumping, our MARVEL collectibles are sure to deliver, touting the likes of IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN, BLACK PANTHER and CAPTAIN AMERICA in officially-licensed tributes you'll be thrilled to show off.

Sports Collectibles and Memorabilia Cheer Your Teams

When it comes to sports collectibles, you can expect a win when you shop with us. We offer dynamic memorabilia from every professional sport, including MLB™, NFL, NHL® and NBA. We even have college sports collectibles and NASCAR too! Just imagine your fan cave all decked out! Championing your favorite team is not only easy, it's an exciting way to bring the thrill of sports home.

We invite you to explore our entire selection of collectibles, from Thomas Kinkade treasures to military salutes. This is where collectible dreams really do come true. Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Both spellings of the word collectible and collectable - with an "i" or with an "a" - are correct. It just depends on what region of the world you live in. If you are in the United States, most people spell it "collectible" but, regardless of how you spell the word, you should know that The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of unique and one-of-a-kind collectibles (or collectables) we think you're going to love.

Technically, collectibles are anything a person is interested in enough to start collecting. It can also refer to items that, due to popularity, rarity or interest, have generated a significant market value. The collectibles offered by The Bradford Exchange include music boxes, dolls, diecast cars, figurines, collector's plates, Christmas ornaments, villages, sports memorabilia, train sets and so much more.

We find that the true benefits of investing in collectibles comes from the personal satisfaction of nurturing your passions and bringing joy to your home. As individuals, we are all unique, and with that uniqueness comes a variety of interests. The Bradford Exchange strives to create original art-based collectibles celebrating a wide range of different passions and interests so that collectors can surround themselves with the things that make them happy and show off the things they love best.

When it comes to collecting, there is no right or wrong answer for "what are good things to collect." Does it make you happy? Does it spark joy in your home? Does it celebrate the things in life you are passionate about? If so, we think that's a pretty good thing. Don't you? And just wait until you discover the wonderful and diverse selection of good things we have for you.

For most collectibles we recommend dusting with a soft cloth, a small, soft paintbrush or makeup brush, or using the spray designed for computer keyboards, which emits puffs of air to remove dirt and dust particles from small spaces.

Items made of porcelain may be cleaned with a mild soap-and-water solution, then rinsed in clear water and carefully dried by hand. However, if they are decorated with simulated jewels, feathers, fabric or leather, they should be hand dusted only. Limited-edition collector plates are for display purposes only. They should never be used for serving food because of the rare metallic pigments fired into the plates for color fidelity.

Never wash any of your fine collectibles in a dishwasher. Avoid placing your collectibles in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and always handle them with care.