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Music Boxes Bring Art, Inspiration and Song to Each Day

When shopping collectibles from The Bradford Exchange you are sure to discover many unique treasures not available elsewhere. Some of our most consistently sought-after collectibles are our music boxes - heirloom-quality keepsakes that seamlessly blend art, passion and music. Which is exactly why music box gifts can be so special!

While collectible music boxes certainly have a long and rich history, their appeal is as widespread today as it was from the very beginning. Superbly crafted of quality materials, our music boxes are tuneful celebrations of life's most wonderful things, like beautiful art from masters, holidays, classic movies and nature's wonders, to thoughtful expressions of love and gratitude for the important relationships in life.

And speaking of important relationships, our custom music boxes let you add personal touches to already beautiful designs. Simply personalize them with the engraved names of the people you love to create music boxes for granddaughters, daughters, sisters, friends and more. Some even have the choice to personalize with their birthstone, or the birthstones of their children as well, so they are perfect for moms.

Once you're done appreciating our wide selection of music boxes, don't forget to take some time to shop our entire site. There is so much more to discover. Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of crossover when it comes to music boxes and jewelry boxes. A music box can also serve the function of holding jewelry, if it is constructed with a storage area inside. Similarly, a jewelry box can also play a favorite melody as well.

The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of collectible music boxes celebrating different things, including favorite interests and important bonds. And some of our music boxes feature a small compartment hidden inside that would make a perfect storage solution for individual pieces of your prized jewelry. That makes these heirloom treasures both music boxes and jewelry boxes too.

Yes, you can personalize music boxes. The Bradford Exchange offers a wide selection of personalized music boxes that allow you to add engraved names and messages, and sometimes birthstones, to the design.

While our music boxes do not offer the option of custom tunes, they do play some of the most beloved songs of all time, from heartfelt melodies like "You Are My Sunshine", to popular ones like "You Are So Beautiful".

Each music box we sell is unique and features a design you won't find anywhere else. Our selection of music boxes offers a range of price points from $39.99 to $139.99.

The dimensions of our music boxes vary based on their unique designs and shapes. However, the most common measurements are 3-3/4 inches L x 2-3/8 inches W x 3-5/8 inches H, 6 inches L x 4 inches W x 2-1/2 inches H, and 4-1/4 inches W x 3-1/4 inches H x 3 inches D.