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Collectible Fairy Dolls: Feel the Enchantment

With their gossamer wings and mysterious allure, there's no doubt that fairies are truly enchanting! Shop a stunning variety of fairy dolls at The Bradford Exchange Online that are just as captivating as the real winged beauties of the forest. Inspired by the beloved fairy artistry of some of the most renowned fantasy artists like Nene Thomas and Jasmine Becket-Griffith, many of the collectible dolls you'll find here bring their beautiful visions to life!

Porcelain dolls like the Riding the Silver Moon Doll by Master Doll Artist Sandra Bilotto and the Fire Fantasy Doll by Master Doll Artist Cindy McClure capture the magic of fairies through a classic art form coveted by collectors since the early 19th century. With their translucent hand-painted skin beautifully highlighted by their lavish costuming and breathtaking wings, your imagination is sure to take flight with these gorgeous works of art!

Fairy Dolls of All Kinds Created to Spark Your Imagination

The Bradford Exchange Online not only offers an amazing selection of fairy dolls, but also adorable lifelike baby dolls, including our exclusive So Truly Real® dolls, that are simply precious and oh-so-lovable. And here's a hint: if you can't decide between fairy dolls and baby dolls, you can have the best of both worlds with the Fairy Sweet Christmas Doll Collection, featuring baby fairies resting on glittering holiday candy. Whichever doll you decide to call your own, don't wait to make them yours today - Shop Now!

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