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Baby Dolls So Lifelike…

Bring home a lifelike baby doll from The Bradford Exchange Online and you may be hearing "She looks just like a real baby!" a lot. That's because we work with some of the world's best-known Master Doll Artists - Linda Murray, Waltraud Hanl, and Linda Webb, to name just a few - to bring you lifelike baby dolls that are so breathtakingly realistic you simply don't want to hold them all the time. You won't find these irresistible collectible dolls in any store; no, they're all here, waiting for you to bring them home, cradle them in your arms, and show them off to one and all.

Doll Artistry Irresistible in Every Way

Our gorgeous baby dolls are expertly handcrafted of premium materials, from fine bisque porcelain and collector-quality vinyl to hand-rooted hair. Each doll boasts meticulously hand-painted lifelike features, beautiful custom outfits, and some with their own accessories. Some dolls remind you of your own babies when they were little, some recall celebrities. Meet our Prince George of Cambridge Commemorative Baby Doll and you'll see what we mean. Brought to life by famed artist Fiorenza Biancheri, this sweetly sleeping limited-edition bisque porcelain baby doll is poseable, and wears a regal christening gown. He's sure to thrill anyone who admires the Royal Family.

Our So Truly Real® dolls are known for being so lifelike that people mistaken them as real babies; each doll is handcrafted with our exclusive, irresistibly soft RealTouch® vinyl so they FEEL real. Hand-painted to bring the sweetness of a baby to life and has a unique personality. Many are interactive - responding to your touch to wrap your finger in their hands, some "breathe," even giggle or wriggle, just like real babies.

All These Babies Need Now Is You

Whether your heart falls for a realistic baby doll, or you are charmed by Disney Princess dolls, the perfect African American dolls, or a sweet baby monkey doll, a visit to The Bradford Exchange Online is all that's needed. Plus, when you bring home our beautifully handcrafted dolls, you can rest assured each is backed by the best guarantee in the business, with returns up to one full year and free return shipping. Don't wait, the lifelike baby dolls of your dreams are ready to meet you! Shop Now!

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